Linda Brown

Ever since I was a small child, I have enjoyed drawing and painting. This interest lead me to enroll in Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC in their fine arts program. The BJU art program gave me the basics that I needed to develop my talent. My plans for a career in art were put on hold as life caught up with me. After a successful career in banking and the title insurance industry, I retired thirty six years later. In January of 2007, I took an oil painting class as a refresher.  All the basics came back to me.

Linda Brown

Most of my paintings are done from photos I have taken. Some of my landscapes are done “plein air” – painted directly from the nature I see. Color is of key importance to me. The juxtaposition of light and dark and all the variables in between make me excited to put oil to canvas. I use patterns and forms and my own personal vision to create beauty and balance. As you can see from my sample paintings, I am a realist and pride myself on that aspect.

Please look at my individual albums of landscapes, pet portraits and home portraits along with a few people portraits.  You may contact me at 404-402-2960 or email me at

I would love to do a painting for you.  



 Linda's Portfolio 

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